Our family business tells its story ...

Behind the brand name LEDWORKS Austria GmbH is the father-son team TROGER.

Passion for design, architecture and light has been our philosophy for more than 20 years. Vision, innovation and great commitment of the entire LEDWORKS team make LEDWORKS a reliable and competent partner.

Gerold & Christopher Troger, together with our Swiss partner LEXTHO GmbH, have made the LEDWORKS brand into a well-known European manufacturer with the latest technologies and manufacturing methods in the LED sector.

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New company building since beginning 2019

Christopher Troger

  •  Apprenticeship as an electrical engineer from 1994-1998
  • Training as master of electrical engineering - master craftsman school electrical engineering 2000-2002
  • Training as a certified lighting technician Oct-Dec. 2008
  • Training Electrical safety regulations to enable the electrical engineering license
  • employed at LEDWORKS (formerly Art Electronics) since October 1998 (first production, then planning and order processing, then sales)
  • CEO of LEDWORKS since 2016

Main area of ​​responsibility at LEDWORKS Austria GmbH

  • Sales Austria / Germany / EU
  • Entire purchase of commercial products and production items
  • Light planning, CAD planning, light calculations
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organization of production

Gerold Troger

  • 1985 return from Greece to the homeland Tyrol
  • 1986 - 1991 Planlicht company - start into the world of light
  • 1991 Foundation of Art-Electronics with a partner - a computer company that combines EDV and light
  • 2000 restart with Art-Electronics - as a trading company
  • 2005-2016 Foundation and managing director of Art-Lichtechnik
  • 2007 Foundation of the brand ... Led-Works.eu with our Swiss partner Lextho GmbH, owner Mr. Patrick Okle
  • In 2016 son Christopher took over the management of LEDWORKS GmbH


"I can't really come up with any training courses that all of my employees have done to be able to act professionally. With enthusiasm for luminaire design and constant market development, I went through many luminaire exhibitions around the world with open eyes. I would say of myself that through years of experience I have developed a good feeling for the market and the products and of course have the enthusiasm for this work.

Helping people set up with light is important to me and being authentic "