Sustainability is an attitude to life

In recent years there has been a strong trend towards new awareness - regardless of whether it is environmentally friendly, fair, organic, regional or seasonal products - we now find sustainable consumption not only in the food sector but also increasingly in other economic sectors.

But what does sustainability mean? It is more than "just" environmental protection, because it takes into account the three pillars:

Environment - economy - social issues

It means thinking about tomorrow today so that future generations can meet their needs.

Through a sustainable lifestyle and conscious consumption, you have an impact on the environmental impact, production methods and working conditions of goods or services.

Protect our living space and at the same time push things forward, with the newly built company building, LEDWORKS is also entirely dedicated to sustainability:

  • Photovoltaic system on the roof (power generation for electric cars and the company's own consumption)
  • Heating and cooling by means of an air circulation pump
  • energy-efficient lighting planning with LED
  • Indoor climate over facilities and plants
  • Flower meadow with green areas for bees

We are particularly proud of our packaging, adhesive tapes, delivery note bags ... everything is recyclable!